My Fiance

So unfortunately my fiance lost his job in November. He is doing well searching and applying for many jobs just hard to find a way to follow up for them. He works in transportation/logistics fields if anyone knows anyone in NJ. Anyway, the point is he has also been working out a lot and today he was soo excited to tell me his new weight. Which I then quickly responded, “now you weight less then me”. He never knew how much I weigh but did not realize we were in the same range. I felt so bad because obviously that is not the response he wanted to hear from me. I am proud of him, but just me feel so bad. Will this give me my real push to work harder. I hope so, I do not want to weigh more then my man on our wedding day. He would marry me at any weight but I just want to look good for him and feel good for myself. It has gotten hard for me to move around like from off the floor to get up. Or even move around on the floor the other day when we were cleaning to get into certain draws or cabinets. It is so uncomfortable. Why can’t I do this? Its not that I can’t which I have previously mentioned but the will power is so hard to resist. I have a huge appetite, I feel like I am always hungry. Need some tips or different ideas. I need to push a little harder on my workouts and stop picking at food before dinner. Here is to becoming lighter than my fiance!

Bringing Classic Beauty Back


So I really want to talk about my Mary Kay business. I went to my first meeting on Monday and loved it! I loved the pople I met and hearing thier stories of how they started and why they started. I really want to do well with this because I want to build my self confidence with this. My biggest fear with this is that I need to talk to people to buy my products. I know it is not going to be easy for me because my thinking is, why would anyone buy anything from me? Buy why not? The product I sell is so fabulous and wonderful that even I (the person who never used a product in her life) use it on a daily basis. It not only is a great product that I can see results but the way it makes me feel. It makes me feel so sophisticated and classy. I remember my mother buying Mary Kay and the beautiful women who came to our door to sell it. I want to bring that back. That classic beauty that Mary Kay did for me. Why not be classy everyday and dress up put some blush on? Why not bring that classic compact back and do touch ups in the middle of the day? Why not take care of our skin now so in the future we are still as fabulous as we were in our 20’s? Some of the ladies at my meeting have been using the products for over 20 years and I looked at them thinking you have been using this since you were five years old? No, Mary Kay skin care just helped their skin still look great!! I am excited about this and I want to do really well. I know that this opportunity is going to change my life! Want to help me change my life? visit my website below.

Thank you!


Day 18 Air Climber

For Christmas I received an Air Climber from my mom. She got it for me because of the obvious that she knows I want to loose weight and get in shape. She either found it on QVC or HSN like she does with everything she buys (I have so much stuff from those networks and I love it all!). The first time I used it I did not think it was good enough, not as much sweat and as much hurt as my Cindy Whitmarsh workouts which I like to feel hurt because I feel like its working. The second day I felt it a little in my legs. Each day that I do use it I feel I get a better workout from it and sweat more and feel it in my legs throughout the workout. Last night I did the quick workout that is about 23 minutes because I worked late. Oh My! did I feel it during the work out, well more than I did before. I sweat a lot too. My Fiance says it is going to be great for me. I enjoy the workout though. I will try it for a few weeks and I will mix in some of Cindy’s workouts to, to see what it will do for me. Very excited to see results one day!

Day 16 Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone! I love New Years. I love the holiday season in general because it is a time to reflect on the year that just happened and look forward to what the new year will bring. I am not a resolution person per se. I have goals but not resolutions. Would you say they are the same? Possibly, but I do not want to put the pressure on, because that is when it can go wrong; when you put so much pressure on something and you have high expectations and then whatever it is does not turn out how you would like and it just causes disappointment and I  just want to be happy.

Before the new year I read an article that we shouldn’t focus on goals and the end product but how we get there. So that is what I am doing focusing on the little steps that will get me to that goal. Changing something about my life little by little. Today, my first day back to work I accomplished something little, I wore makeup to work. I never did this. I got up early, took a shower, put product in my hair, dried my hair with a hair dryer (another big thing) put face moisturizer on and put foundation and blush on. Only 1 person noticed in the office. Again baby steps and focusing on the little things to my goal. My goal here is to come across a little more feminine like a classy lady. I am also doing this for my Mary Kay business and to promote the products and experience them so I know how to sell them.  So here to being a little more classy everyday and to becoming a better bride!

Day 5

I did the workout today with no breaks! so tough but I did it! Little steps! I am off to a holiday party will try to stay near the veggie tray all night. Hope everyone has a great night! Only 2 more days  until Christmas!

Day 4

Today I had my huge salad for lunch, it had a lot of Fat Free dressing on it though. I hate when there is too much dressing. Also avoided the all the chocolate that was in the office but then someone brough in a tray of the Philly Pretzels nuggets with cheese sauce. I did have a few of those. I also had Cookie time again! It is so hard around the holidays! I was though able to do my workout tonight. I did the Cindy Whitmarsh video again, she is so great! Although my legs were killing me I got through it and with only 1 break this time! Tuesday I need to take either 2 or 3 breaks during the video so I am happy about my improvement there. Tomorrow there is another work holiday party which I know will only have junk food at. I will bring a lot of vegetables and fruits to keep me full and not tempted to eat what is there.

With my Mary Kay side of my abetterbride challenge, I used a botanical effects mask the other night. And wow does my face feel soooo smooth! My fiance loves it and is so amazed about it. I really do love Mary Kay and selling their products. It is hard though trying to find customers. I am working up the courage to ask people to host parties for me. This is part of my betterbride challenge so I have to do it to build my confidence. I am excited and anxious about it because this is something I am starting to really like and know I will love once I get the confidence.

Like I said before it is so hard to go through the holidays without the food temptation all around. I am doing a lot better than I could be so I just have to think small steps and small goals. I can do this!

Day 3

So yesterday was a better day, ate a little better but then my fiance said it was Cookie Time. I hate when he does that! I had the cookie but all day at work I passed by boxes of Lindt chocolate truffles and cake pops and other sweets and wont touch them like usual. I did a work out and it was hard! It was with Cathy Syphers on Fit Tv. Not my favorite but I feel like I am dying within the first 5 minutes. So many squats and legs work  outs! It was hard going down the stairs event right after the workout. I love that feeling though. Very sore this morning especially in my core. I like it because it just makes me feel stronger as well. I looked at the scale today although its only day 3. It went up! I don’t like when that happens, I always tell myself its the muscle I am building through the many squats I do. Probably not true yet I just tell myself I know its those 2 cookies I had! I made myself a big salad for lunch today, maybe a little too big, but I like salad. Will let you know how today goes tonight! Hopefully no cookie time tonight!


Day 2

I did not do well today with my betterbride plan. My mother had a few people over for the holiday. I am 27 and yes I still live with my parents, and she had some unhealthy foods and of course my drink of choice, beer. Although I am so grateful for my parents and all they do I sometimes wish I did not live here because of all the food they do have around the house. It is so tempting. I am looking forward to when I move out before the wedding when the temptation will not be there as much. Although I did not eat well, I did do a killer exercise. It was for 20 minutes with Cindy Whitmarsh and one of her DVD’s. She is so great and you work hard and feel it during it but for the most part it is fun and not boring. I recommend her work outs to anyone and they work well and it is not long. My legs were already feeling like jello when I tried to stand up. I really enjoy working out for it just me feel good and more energy. Another reason for my betterbride plan. I want more energy for planning the wedding, for waking up and wanting to take a shower in the morning and just the energy to making my image better. Today I decided my goal is to loose 50 pounds. 50 pounds will bring me to the lowest weight I have been in my adult age. I was 50 pounds less when I was 22 years old. I know I can do this and I want to so bad. Holidays are hard to be able to accomplish this but just have to fight through.

A Better Bride for 2014

I wanted to do a blog for a long time but never knew how successful I would be at it. I wanted to blog about many things but just didn’t know where I should start. I am doing this blog to keep an organized public record of my goals.

My goals for this blog “abetterbride” are to help my journey on feeling fabulous for my wedding day. I am marrying the man of my dreams. He is so handsome, funny and just the best guy anyone could know. His friends love him, his family adores him and obviously so do I.  Although this blog may seem about the journey of the wedding process it is about me being able to look great on my wedding day and not only be physically fit for my wedding day, but also financially fit, and confident about myself walking down the aisle.

I feel the need to explain myself in all of these aspects:

Physically Fit: I want to lose weight. I have tried so many times and have failed. Not because I couldn’t do it I will not give the excuse that my body will not lose weight is because I was never in the correct mindset to do so. I know I can lose weight and I know how because I have done it before, but this time I need to do it and it my goal so I do not feel ashamed of my pictures that will be with me for the rest of my life. I know I can do this and I WILL DO THIS!

Financially Fit: I am having a wedding with at least 150 people. I have dreamed about this my entire life but when signing that contract for the band and the banquet hall it is just tough to think not to do it for financial reason. Thinking that this money could have also gone towards many other things that will allow for a more comfortable life when we are starting out. For a couch that we currently do not have or a great trip that will give us the same memories. But I want this wedding, my mother also wants this wedding and I do not want to start my life in debt because of it. I do have a full time job  and I recently also became an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant which I know if I work hard at it will help make my wedding dreams come true and many other future dreams

Confidence: I lack in this area. I know it I used to be confident or I thought and I want it back. How I am going to do this is also through my Mary Kay Business. But making myself network more, putting myself out there and taking risk can lead to my confidence. I need this and want this so I can be a completely satisfied with myself going into my marriage and know I can set my own personal goals and succeed. I want to be accomplished before I get married. This factor is also the main reason I became a beauty consultant. I also think that Mary Kay will help me not only with my outer beauty but inner beauty as well. I already do see it as I get so excited for the little things and I am seeing the good in people. I love this Mary Kay opportunity already.

My goals for this blog are to update on my weight loss and my business. I will describe what I have done that day to contribute to my goal for my weight loss and show pictures along the way. I will also be using and learning about the products I am selling and how they contribute to my confidence and how well my business is doing.

I am very excited for this blog and how it is going to change my life.Image